John P. Tarr Scholarship
By Life Member James Delawder
July 26, 2023

John P. Tarr (Sr.) was born 12/16/1921 and passed away on 11/13/83 (photo #1). He is survived by two sons, John Jr. and Richard. He joined the Brewster Fire Department (BFD) in May of 1960 and was a very active member in the 1960's and 1970's. He was elected President of the BFD from 1964 to 1966. He started the Brewster Fire Department Children's Christmas Party (photos 2&3) and ran the Children's games at the BFD member picnics. These traditions still continue to this day. The John P. Tarr Scholarship was a way to honor him after his passing. Just like the BFD Children's Christmas Party and the BFD Children's picnic games, the legacy of John Tarr continues to be honored by this scholarship to high school graduates of the Brewster Community.

This years' winners are Joshua Cosentino and Emily Babio.

Some of the activities Joshua was involved with included Eagle Scout Patrol Leader, helping with Veteran banners that are displayed in the Village, making a 1/32 scale mode of two portions of the village for the BFD to pre-plan responses and becoming a volunteer firefighter.

Emily volunteered with special needs students at school for many years. She assisted them with activities including typing skills, interview skills, working with tools, shopping lists, laundry/folding clothes, and appearance.

Both winners have displayed exemplary service to their community.

Note: Seniors in local high schools, who live in Brewster, should contact their Guidance Counselor for more details by the Fall of their senior year.